Collall All Purpose Glue 1000ml


All Purpose Glue


Type of glue: Collall All Purpose Glue is a medium-viscous, solvent based glue.


  • Clear transparent liquid

  • Glues strong

  • Fast-drying

  • Strong smell (acetone)

Solvent: Acetone/ ethanol

Main ingredient: Polyvinylacetaat

Density: 0.90 g / dm³

Application: gluing paper, cardboard, cork, wood, textile, glass, stone, ceramics, leather, styropor and various plastics. The materials to be glued need to be dry. Put the glue onto one surface and leave to dry for a few moments. Then press the two surfaces together. For stronger adhesion, apply the glue to both surfaces. Fast initial adhesive strength.

Danger! Contains acetone. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Dispose of contents/ containers in accordance with local regulation.

Suitable for: children aged 6 and upwards. under the supervision of an adult


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