Re-Design by Prima Burst Of Color Colour A1 Decoupage Fiber 669126

Re-Design By Prima

Burst Of Color

A1 Decoupage Fiber

1 sheet


Love a bolder look with bright, happy blooms? “Burst of Color” will delight you with deep fuchsia and cool turquoise touches, wrapped sweetly in greenery, pulling together the most beautiful floral bouquet which is just bursting with colour!

Redesign’s A1 Decoupage Paper is printed on sturdy paper, allowing you to create unique and personalized decor pieces, such as wall art, furniture accents, and more.

The unique design is perfect for decoupage projects, allowing you to layer and arrange the images to create a stunning finished product. Apply and seal with our Decoupage Gel in Gloss or Matte for best results.

Pair with our Brayer or Scraper Tool to reduce wrinkles.

A1 size(23.4″x33.1″


1 in stock

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