Studio Light Stamp Press 6.3×6.3 Inch /w Magnets (SL-ES-SP01)

Studio Light

Stamp Press

6.3×6.3 Inch /w Magnets


Essentials by Studio Light. Stamp Press with Magnets. 160x160x20mm / 6.3×6.3 inch.

Open edged. Fully magnetic.

Anti-slip base.

For clear and rubber stamps.

The Studio Light Stamp Press stamping platform makes stamping easy and fun. Position the stamp with the textured side on the paper on which you want to stamp, pick up the stamp by pressing the lid on the stamp, after which you can ink the stamp on the lid. By placing the lid with stamp back on the paper, you imprint the paper surface, you can repeat this several times with speed and precision until you have achieved the desired result. The layout space is 16×16 cm, large enough for most creations, but even if your paper is larger it will fit, as the stamping pad has no borders. You can hold the paper in place with the included magnets, which are also available separately.


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